This is the website for the Michael Martin family of Bonaire, Georgia. Bonaire is located in the center of Georgia just south of Warner Robins, which is just south of Macon.

I attended Cocoa High School where I made a lot of friends, but I graduated in the 1964 class of John McDonogh High School in New Orleans

I have long had an interest in learning to play the bagpipes. In 1997, I joined the Centerville Fire Department Pipes and Drums, Georgia's first fire department bagpipe band. For a short period it became the Centerville Pipes and Drums and then in 2004 became the Heart of Georgia Pipes and Drums. In late 2009 the band merged with the Mercer University Pipes and Drums.

I also have an interest in genealogy. That helps explain the left side of this page. The pattern is the MacKay tartan, which is the family tartan of my mother's family. Check out my genealogy page for real-time, on-line databases of Vinson, Nunn, Martin, Bayne and Koppenol genealogy. The last bi-annual Vinson Family Reunion was held at Jekyll Island Club Hotel at Jekyll Island, GA.

While you are here, learn about Marinda's fantastic art!